January 13, 2007

CBC's HOCKEY DAY IN CANADA is upon us once again. enjoy the 13 hours of hockey later today. and something i just learned of this week -- this year, the Day is coming to us live from Nelson, BC. what's in Nelson? MY FUCKING BROTHER !!!!! :) he moved there with his girlfriend last fall. goddammit. and apparently the Stanley Cup is making an appearance in town :D holy fucking hell. have a great day, all.

9:23 AM

shit. i really need to watch the My Sassy Girl dvd before the remake comes out. here's another reason to do so - Elisha Cuthbert (great casting choice; i would choose for them not to remake great films, but if they had to do it, Elsha is inspired casting for the title role) in a cool little scene from the movie, which i'm pretty sure wasn't in the original.

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