January 06, 2007

HOLYSHIT. the Habs actually had 5 players that were struck with the flu on thursday, which explains a lot of the sluggish play (Souray was obviously even more sluggish than usual). hopefully they got some meds in their bodies for this weekend's two games. but guess what? they recalled the brilliant Maxim Lapierre. good move. like him a lot. he'll give some much needed spark. but the biggest news for me? they also called up Mikhail Grabowski !! we heard a lot about him at training camp and was sad to not see him with the team at the start of the season. can't wait to see the line changes Carbo can also do with him in the lineup (can we dream 2nd line? just to see?).

4:19 PM

don't fucking anger the Montreal Canadiens.
the New York Rangers, i'm afraid, have just awoken a sleeping beast.

4:23 PM

what the fuck did i tell you? it's now 2-2 :D

5:39 PM

well, the Habs lost 4-3. but they gave the Rangers one hell of a fight. i'm not ashamed of my team and am looking forward to tomorrow's matchup against the Devils.

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