January 10, 2007

Atlanta 2 Montreal 4

finally, the nasty flu bug is off the team's back ! :) glad to see it gone. it was amazingly obvious that this team was not fighting the virus anymore tonight. wow. we got good old team back. it feels good to see them playing with confidence again. everyone played their asses off (we still need to find a team for Samsonov) and Huet was there with the spectacular saves. i really hope we can hold onto a spot for Grabovski. he looks amazing playing with Kovalev and Kovy seems to feed off the kid like crazy. on to the next one! :)

Butch Vig has been working with Shirley for her upcoming solo album !!! and they're planning on recording a few new Garbage tracks this year !!! :D OMFG. also, Butch is the one responsible for putting together the Wally benefit Garbage are gonna be playing live on.

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