January 01, 2007

WELCOME TO 2007!!!

it's gonna be funny writing 07 everywhere now.
i rung in the New Year with a couple of friends. we ate great food, listened to cool music (we took turns finding our favorite songs of 06 on two iPods and switched the iTrip from iPod to iPod in between songs:) and drank a lot (both white and red wine, champagne). got a slight headache when i woke up this morning but it's gone now. came back home around noon. it was beautiful out. fresh snow and ice melting on the road. the clouds came in this afternoon but it should clear up by tomorrow. planning on taking a long walk around the lake close to downtown. i've got the home to myself until wednesday so my two days off couldn't be more appropriate :) planning on watching a few films.

i also can't wait to get back to work on wednesday. there's this girl with whom i've played eye-and-smile-tag for a while now (going on two years this month?:) she has a boyfriend but it's still definitely a fun thing to do. i think she may have wanted to start a conversation with me last week at work, though (maybe to wish me a happy new year? guys can dream too:) but the "signal" wasn't obvious and i only caught on to its possibility a minute too late to react properly. i regret not acting on it right away. oh well. i hope she understands -if this indeed was her intention- that i could have misinterpreted her actions. we'll see later this week :) so that was on my mind last night as i tried getting into the festivities. lol. i got out of my sad state late in the evening and thankfully got on with the party.

i hope you had a nice time as well.

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