January 14, 2007

what a great, weird weekend this has been.
first off, my best friend just got engaged. her boyfriend asked her to marry him this past tuesday on their 3rd anniversary. (she'd been jokingly bugging him for the past two christmases:) the ring is beautiful. i didn't see it firsthand because they had to get a new, smaller one for her. but she did show me the company's website and it's kinda unique and very stylish. btw, she only told me about her engagement yesterday because she didn't wanna let me know through emails like she did with her other friends. sweet.s

then, my brother met Lord Stanley's Cup yesterday :P
got pictures and everything. it's a beauty. and somehow...magical.

make sure your bladder's empty by 8 tonight. 24's revving back up for another sleepless run for thousands of hardcore fans.
Part 2 of the Season Premiere Event airs tomorrow night at 8 as well. btw, here's another brilliant story by Kiefer on the Jack doll, which has been in the works for years. dammit! i wanna go to the Bell Centre now. check out this awesome story (in french, sorry).

ah. apparently, Studio 60 is starting back next week, and not tonight. oh well. as long as we get some new stories, i'll be alright.

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