February 09, 2007

24. just watched the episode. it was better than last week's but i gotta agree with Tim Goodman's article over at SFGate - it's getting to be kind of a joke of itself.

11:52 PM

tomorrow's Habs game (against the Ottawa Senators) is another must-win (they haven't won those in a while). but there is hope at the end of the tunnel the little team that, at one point, could. set to return tomorrow night are Steven Bégin (needs medical clearance), Sergei Samsonov, and, definitely not least - Andrei Markov. Rivet will sit this one out because of the flu bug that hit him this week (thank god for small miracles; now, can Souray get it, please?). i'm telling you, this is looking good. i'm actually excited for the game to begin. haven't felt like that in a few weeks with these Habs.

Saturday 1:37 AM

...and now Koivu and Kovalev are (finally!!) reunited on the first line !!! i hope these changes are not just sparks for Carbonneau. the team has been sluggish for months now. our PP, PK, and goaltending was making us appear more threatening than we really were. something's amiss on this team. we just got rid of the smoke and mirrors. hopefully Guy finds stronger options than just temporary sparks to fire up this team into consistency.

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