February 02, 2007

Montreal 4 Pittsburgh 5 (SO)

we got one point. and it was a bloodbath of a game. the guys have nothing to be ashamed of. i have a feeling a lot of people (re: RDS/Journal de Montreal) are angry and will be calling for the refs' heads today, but i'm not. short of getting that second point, i'm really satisfied with last night's game. our guys played their fucking hearts out last night. sunday afternoon's game back in Montreal will be one hell of a show! now that's gonna be one to be proud of broadcast on the CBC :) btw, for the record, i'm a Souray basher when it comes to his D play (i'll take his booming shot while we have it), but i felt proud to have him on our team last night as he went straight for Armstrong and fucking beat his ass senseless for charging Koivu. the hit looked ugly and i'm not pissed Armstrong didn't get a penalty (not even pissed about Souray getting ejected from the game - surprised, yeah, but if the refs saw it that way, then so be it; our team was fucking riled up after that), but Souray made me fucking damn proud last night. good for him. i don't regret the two(?) goals it cost us. not one fucking bit. that's fucking hockey, my friends.

Garbage did the Beat It Wally fundraiser wednesday night ...and Tim's got a couple of videos up for us already :)
the Bleed Like Me intro gave me chills.

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