February 04, 2007

here's Kevin Smith's top ten favorite films of 2006. a great list with superb commenting.

the Habs lost 4-2 in another weirdly uninspired afternoon game yestoday. (but today's game is the weekend draw. watch that one on CBC at 2PM for a rematch of thursday's intense playoff game.)

1:50 PM

Pens vs Habs. 2PM. CBC/RDS.
you can follow The Gazette's Mike Boone's live-blogging straight from the Bell Centre over at Habs Inside/Out.
have a great game. this is sure to be a spectacular one.

5:01 PM

Pittsburgh 3 Montreal 4 (OT)

wow. what a difference a third period makes :) i was expecting that effort throughout the game but if they managed to score a little and hold the Pens off for much of the first two period (and Aebischer wasn't even at his best today; there's a long stretch of the second period where he just didn't know where the puck was), then explode in the third...so be it. this wasn't a fluke win. they worked for it. they did show some heart. although, i would love it if this team didn't need a fucking spark every other game to get them going. consistency, guys. i don't know what the problem is. is it Guy? the coaching staff? something's not working. in the meantime, i'll be enjoying the win, thank you very much :) have a great end to your weekend.

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