February 18, 2007

mark this date on your calendars!! the Habs have won a game! :D and it's no small feat. considering they lost their last 6 starts, and have been in a slump since the holidays, a win wouldn't come easy. but after scoring three goals in the second period, they almost lost the game with two goals from Columbus. but they held tight and squeezed a win out of it. i was disheartened by Columbus' first goal, though, because they'd taken away Halak's shutout in his very first NHL game. the thought hadn't occurred to me until that goal. he was solid all game long and surprisingly under control. can't wait for the next game. every game until the end will be like this, i expect. there won't be an easy one until it ends. the guys will just have to want to grind and do the work if they wanna make the playoffs. E from A Theory of Ice effectively blogs the experience of watching such a game by our little Habs.

wow. i go over to the IMDb and am welcomed by a slightly tweaked-yet-definitely-cooler design. like whores, sites usually go for flashier looks when getting face-lifts but these guys went for something way subtler. congrats, IMDb. i love it.

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