February 21, 2007

Washington 3 Montreal 5

Montreal gets a second straight win. nice to see it happening. but word of caution to Habs Fans -- 3 of the 5 goals were scored on PP, 1 was short-handed (Ryder's beauty), and the last one an empty netter. we still can't do shit on 5-on-5. we're back to the start of the season where we thought we were the shit because we were winning games (mostly squeaking by with one goal). but those were won on PP goals. but, the coaching staff never addressed the issue of 5-on-5 since we were winning all those games. then reality set in, and we went on an almost-two-month slump because teams figured out our (simple) game plan and effectively shut us down night after night. last night's game was good. but we were lucky Washington took all those penalties. it was a definite, and much-needed, confidence-booster. and i'm grateful for that because the Habs have been running low for ages now, unable to shake that funk. but, even through the current wins, i would really like them to address the serious problems that are still plaguing us. grateful for the wins/goals. i'll take them. but please don't be assholes about it, is what i'm saying.

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