February 25, 2007

the Oscars are tonight. as has been the case with the last few years, i'll be skipping the 'party' once again (i usually dip back in a couple of times to catch the host). i grew disillusioned with these awards shows years ago so i don't have the energy or the will to explain why but most people get it. anyway. as with every year, there's bound to be a few disappointments for those who view these seriously. i am not one of them. but here are my favorites for the night, so if they happen to win, i'll be happy for them, for the recognition. other than that, i don't give a rat's ass.

FOREST WHITAKER - i haven't seen any of the other performances but this one was huge on its own (btw, i hate the fact that these are supposed to weed out the BEST performance/film/etc; it's supposed to be ART, period).

PENÉLOPE CRUZ - for the body of work outside the fricking US. North Americans needs to see what this girl can do, and how lame their paper-thin female 'characters' are.

KIKUCHI RINKO - her story was my favorite from Babel, and her performance was funny, charming, heart-wrenching, and courageous as all hell.

ALEJANDRO GONZÁLEZ IÑÁRRITU / GUILLERMO DEL TORO / ALFONSO CUARÓN - Scorsese's gonna get the belated Oscar but these three (two of which weren't even nominated!!), in my opinion, are the ones deserving of the honor for their respective cinematic achievements this year.

CHILDREN OF MEN - hands down. btw, they should let foreign films into the Best Motion Picture category. it's kinda dated how they can't be better than american, or english-language, films.

so these are the folks i'll be (foolishly) pulling for tonight. the rest, i couldn't care less because these shouldn't be about who or what is better than the next, but a celebration of FILM.

i'll try to watch as many good films today instead :)


with the March 6th date looming, Merge has Arcade Fire's Neon Bible available for pre-order. i just put my order in for the Deluxe CD. $18.25US shipped to Canada. not bad considering it'll be a couple of bucks more with taxes once you buy it in stores over here (currently $19.99CDN at Future Shop). plus, Merge promises a few free goodies with the pre-order :) i'd say go for it if you're a fan.


OMG! the Habs traded Craig Rivet!!!!! (he was sent to the Sharks.) i never thought i'd see the day. alright. (btw, love the title of this article.) this is cool. and they got a 1st Round Pick out of it, too!! we love Gainey. hopefully this'll help trade Souray off too before the tuesday deadline. btw, check out NHL.com's Trade Deadline center. tomorrow and tuesday are sure to be exceptional (let's hope so) days. just noticed the deadline is 3PM tuesday...i'm not gonna be missing much of it as i leave for work at 2:20PM each day :) yay!

here's a great 15-minute conference call Rivet took with a few journalist following the news of the trade. he's a great guy. and it's sweet to see him being sincerely okay with the whole thing. wish him the best of luck.

OH... and Kovalev might be making a comeback as soon as tomorrow night against the Leafs... :D
and we can expect Bégin later in the week. damn. this week is shaping up to be a great one for us Habs fans.

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