February 26, 2007

uh, yeah...so, anybody believe Oscar didn't set-up Marty Scorsese for that Directing oscar? Spielberg, Coppola, and Lucas presenting?? how fucking awkward would it have been had Alejandro had (rightfully) won the damn thing? i love me some Marty, and i'm sure The Departed is an awesomely-directed film, but the obvious bias was just a bit much. i'm just saying they knew and were (shamelessly) throwing Scorsese a bit of a party.

outstanding speech by Forest. (and how amazing did you all feel when they cut back to both Leonardo and Ryan Gosling standing up in fucking approval as he was on-stage??! my boys made me proud. Forest made everyone his bitches with that fucking speech :) go Forest go! oh, a small btw -- James McAvoy should've been nominated for his performance in the flick.)

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