April 12, 2007

oh god. my mom set me up on an almost-blind date. lol... she and her boyfriend ran into an old couple he knows. they started talking and at some point, the woman talked about her 30 year-old daughter who loves movies. love going to them. even goes on her own. (this brings me to a point i've tried to make to my mother before - everybody enjoys movies. granted, it looks like it's one of this girl's favorite activities. good. but there are a lot of movies. so someone enjoying movies does not automatically make them my best friend :) end of small rant.) anyway. so they talk. the woman shows my mom a picture of her daughter (after being pressed, my mom answers that, yeah, she looks good. natural. brunette. 5'8".). my mom shows a picture of me from 4 years ago (lol). anyway. long story short - my mom gave the woman my phone number *and* my email to give to her daughter. lol. the woman had asked if i'd call if i had her number. my mom wasn't sure so they gave her my shit. i couldn't believe it. of course nothing's set-up yet. but when it does, i'm just seriously hoping she's cute. that is all. you don't wanna know you're gonna reject (or be rejected, for that matter; but i'm not hideous:) the person as soon as you meet them. i've never been on a blind date. and this case is even blinder in that even my mom doesn't know this girl! lol. the only information we have to go on is what her mother told her during a 5-minute conversation and a wallet-size picture of her head ans shoulders :) i'm feeling two things: disbelief that my mom would give out my number like that to a stranger, but also that we could luck out on this thing. coincidence has a way of working in mysterious ways. stranger things have happened. any thoughts? :)

10:00 PM - 11:00 PM

oh. my. god.
they did it. no wonder the showdown between Jack and Fayed had such grandeur to it (mostly done by Sean Callery's beautiful score, reminiscent of the Season Finale). they actually had the balls to kill the season's storyline before it got (too) tired and go on on a tangent for the remaining 7 episodes!! hopefully, as Frank Chromewaves as pointed out, they won't feel the need to insert the Chinese into the nuclear threat but actually go on to a separate storyline (ie. what should have been Season 6 with Jack trying to escape China). with a season finale this early, we finally got the rug pulled from under us. as for the episode itself, i'm glad all the bullshit macho posturing is over and hopefully we'll get us a good ole hunt going on for the remaining episodes. could be good fun.

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