April 22, 2007

...now what?

okay. so we went on our little 'date' today :) kyle - you'll be happy to know that i brought the water bottles :) ...and she really appreciated it and the thought. we chatted along fine and talked some more about subjects we'd mentioned in emails last week. when our walk was over i asked her what she wanted to do, go for another round around the lake (a 45-minute walk) or something else. she asked me if i had anything planned for afterwards. i said no and she offered a drink downtown :) we went and 90-minutes later we were done. my impressions of the day - she's a good girl. honest, simple funny, and relaxed. oh, and she's cute! :) that was on my mind all week. we had no idea what the other looked like. i don't think there were many immediate sparks on this date. it was a nice afternoon. we're just starting to get to know each other. right now, it's all about learning about the other one. at the end, i asked her if she'd wanna do something else some time. she said yes :)

now the 'now what' part -- we've been emailing back and forth all week then had our 'date'. with her work week starting back up and being full, do we keep emailing each other? even though i'd read about not having high expectations and seeing stars,
maybe i can't help but feel a little bit let down because we started off on a slow (but cool and relaxed) start. anyone wanna comment or share some wisdom? :) thank you. the big event that was kinda stressing me out ended up being a really nice afternoon with a good, sincere, down-to-earth girl.

update - okay. now it's morning and i'm happy to report that the daily flow of emails between the girl and i hasn't stopped or even slowed down since our meeting yesterday. yay. i wasn't sure how it would go because most of our conversations so far have been about introducing ourselves and then it switched to our first meeting. so i wasn't sure if we'd have anything more to say without a 2nd meeting to look forward to. apparently, we (and especially 'she') still do :) i'm happy to report. i can't get a proper read on her right now because she's so mellow and happy. but she is continuing with the emails and telling me about her daily life. she just sent me a picture of her cute cat :) nothing's urgent, so i'm just happy the lines are still so open. but if i were to be looking for it, i couldn't tell if she was interested in me as a date or as a new friend because she hasn't temporarily brushed me aside or put up much of a wall right now. as i said, i can't get a read i'm used to on her :) but - it's also not urgent that i get an answer right now. we'll see. she's really busy during the week, and she's on-call, so unless she suggests something, i think we have until the weekend to plan something, if anything. now, yesterday i told her i wanted to go catch Grindhouse in Montreal this week. i didn't say if i was going on my own or not (i am going on my own) nor that i could do it on the weekend. but i'm thinking of asking her if she'd be interested to go with me this weekend. she knew about the film but that was the extent of it. maybe she thought i was going with people or it was during her work-week. it's either that or it simply didn't interest her. i have no idea. i'll ask her tomorrow or wednesday.

update update - i'm starting to add a few pics to my flickr account :)

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