April 29, 2007

hmm. so yeah. no new post on the girl for a few days now, uh? well, yesterday we went to Montreal to see her brother play a small hockey tournament :) he lives 5 hours away up north so she sees him whenever she can. and she decided to ask if i'd like to come along :) that was nice. but way early. anyway. the day was fun but i couldn't help but feel like a total spazz with nothing to say. i would get into conversations with her (short ones) but, since we barely know each other for now and this was only our second face-to-face meeting, i think i'm still in 'okay, what do i say now?' mode. and, at the end of the day, it made me feel like a total tool and i couldn't figure out why she'd want a relationship with me. lol. yeah. dramatic :) i really didn't like where it was going when i got home. lol. my best friend came back from her vacation and we talked about it this morning (i was seeing a movie with the girl this afternoon) and she made it all better, telling me to take it slow (not used to it since all the girlfriends i had before i already knew before going out with them) and go with the flow. i couldn't have had better advice. going to the film with her was cool. and then, afterwards, she invited me to see her apartment and her cat (we both love cats). once there we talked for at least a good half hour. when i left her place, since we're both working all week, i asked if she'd like to do something next weekend (we'll still write daily emails). i said i still wanted to see Grindhouse if she was up for that. she said sure. and then an idea occured to her - there's this Disney thing at the Museum of Fine Arts in Montreal, and she thought of me. so we're likely to make it a day in Montreal with those two activities next weekend :) i need to thank my friend for her advice to ride it out.

hope you're all having a great day! :)

the Garbage Disco Box discovers Shirley joining Gwen Stefani onstage in L.A. on friday.

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