April 25, 2007

i called up the girl (and i'm only calling her this because i don't wanna name her on here; it's not meant as some sort of ...thing:) tonight to talk over our options for the weekend :) (very couple-y, i say; even though we're not a couple yet.) well, we setled on what we'd be doing (saturday morning, we're driving to the other side of Montreal to catch her brother playing a day-long tournament of hockey :) she was also interested in seeing Grindhouse downtown afterwards but i just checked the schedule and, because it's a long movie, it's playing either too early or way too late for our long day. (she did mention we could catch it at another time:) anyway. so we're doing the brother thing and it'll be a day out with an interesting girl. i still can't tell if she's seriously interested because she's so relaxed about it. but-- we talked for two hours and fifty minutes!!! lol. about anything. we settled the weekend thing in about 5 minutes. som of it was up and down with some pauses but we also got some rhythm going on some stuff. as a whole, it was fun. and again, it didn't feel that long at all. getting to know ourselves/anecdotes chit-chat. we did hit on more than a few common interests, which was fun.

care to comment on how this looks from the outside? thanks :)

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