April 07, 2007

The Montreal Canadiens' season is over.

they managed to come back from 3-1 tonight against the Leafs in the second period (with four straight goals), but the Habs lost 6-5 tonight in Toronto. thus missing out on the playoffs by a single point in the last game of the season. (Toronto needs the Islanders to lose tomorrow to get into the playoffs. btw, what would've happened if the game had gone into overtime? the Leafs were officially dead so do you think they could've helped the Habs by letting them win to get into the playoffs ahead of New York? it's a thought that occured to me as the game wore on tonight. woulda been a classy move on their part. :)

as for the Habs' season being over - it's alright. i think i wrote a few weeks back how i didn't expect them to make the playoffs, and if they did, they wouldn't go far. the last couple of weeks have been great for us so a playoff run would've been cool. but i was already sold on almost no post-season this year, so i'm not bitter. hopefully we don't sell the team off this summer (with Gainey on-board, i think we're in good hands). i can't wait to see what happens with the Draft and if we can manage to sell off Souray and who we get in return. let the media bloodbath begin. i'm out.

please help save Studio 60.

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