April 24, 2007

okay. i asked her if she'd be interested in doing something (go to the movies or anything else) this weekend. we'll see. any ideas on cool activities to do? and should i have waited to ask about a specific activity? just wanting to do something is good enough, right? :) i'm just trying to navigate this and not ruffle too many feathers :) but the girl is cool and i don't think she's a snob for this kind of thing.

in other news - I Can Has Cheezburger? is hilarious!

8:22 PM

omg. i'm back at my friend's apartment and i caught 2 minutes of the end of the Strangers with Candy movie, which i saw twice in theaters last summer... and i fucking laughed my ass off!! how the hell can that be? it's just, like, three lines, as the film was wrapping up. amazing.

on to the other subject at hand - she wrote me back with three options for this weekend :) she's a very resourceful little lady. and one of these items involves, after another long-drive activity, catching Grindhouse on our way back!! lol. amazing.

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