April 29, 2007

Joe Carnahan, uk france usa 2007

i wasn't too keen on this flick since the 'buzz' and production of it sounded too manufactured. but i'm happy i decided to sit down and watch it. DAMN! aside from sometimes acting as a True Romance twin/cousin (we'll let that slide but i'm hoping they didn't think they were getting away with it and instead wanted to honour the brilliant Tony Scott/Tarantino flick), this was a fine film. Joe Carnahan keeps things rolling (okay, the story gets complicated so just ride it out) and tight without losing too much and keeping the intensity level well below idiotic and overblown, where it should have laid had any of the less-talented hacks been at the helm. the casting is out of this world, i tell you. the Oscars should have a nomination for casting. every single actor (aside from Jeremy Piven whom i kinda not get after Ellen (he does have a couple of spectacularly intimate, raw moments in the film, but i had problems with him in the beginning)) gives a first-rate performance. i swear. to. god. (even Jason Bateman, whom i can't watch in anything outside of Arrested Development anymore, actually does something different here and it's ludicrously believable. i won't point to anything else because i don't wanna spoil it anymore but the thing is damn fine. i was just so surprised by the quality of the flick. thanks. Joe Carnahan is one talented filmmaker.

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