May 06, 2007

i hope everyone's having a good sunday. it's beautiful out here. no apparent cloud in the sky. on to business. well, after spending the entire day together yesterday, visiting the wonderful Disney exhibit at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, catching Grindhouse (a bit overlong but lotsa fun), and having a general blast on a great, sunny saturday walking around through downtown Montreal, the girl magically turned into the girlfriend :D it felt a bit weird to finally arrive at that point, to be there after so much thought over the past couple of weeks. but here we are. it's still in the early stages, of course, but she's also looking forward to a serious relationship. i wasn't sure because we'd never talked about it but i asked her last night and she calmed my fears. i now have a girlfriend;) i am now part of a couple. thanks to everyone (especially you, Kyle! your help was greatly appreciated). have a great day.

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