May 29, 2007

the Montreal Canadiens finally signed Andrei Markov back into the club. just over $20M over 4 years. i am ecstatic. i knew he would sign back but this is great news because we gave him his worth. despite the outstanding offensive year Souray had, Markov is our top defenseman and i was hoping Gainey wouldn't get blindsided. (now Bob's on to Souray's contract. i don't want him signed long-term and i hope to god it's nothing about $4M a year.)

in more personal news, i haven't written in a bit because of the new girlfriend. we're simply spending every waking hours of the weekend together. and it feels great. so i've had way less time than usual to update the blog, and i also don't see the point of writing 'i'm with the girlfriend and it's going swell' every day or so :) i hope you're all doing well. talk to you soon.

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