July 31, 2007

what the hell? it's been a while, hasn't it? aside from not updating the blog, the gf and i spent the weekend in Quebec City with a couple friend of hers. we spent all day sunday at the Village Valcartier. the weather couldn't have been nicer and to top off the weekend, the gf rented us a hotel room for sunday night. lovely.

to-do list for today:
* pick up Absolute Garbage (2CD Special Edition *and* the DVD, please)
* check out the Pumpkins' cool daily feature A Day In The Life Of The Smashing Pumpkins
thepumpkins.net /

holy hell. BB8 -- Dick poured iced tea on Jen's head !
hmm. what the fuck? he's just crossed the line, there. being verbally abusive is one thing, but this is beyond the game now.

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