August 02, 2007

okay. here we go. please mark your calendars; after a couple of years of understanding that a credit card is not a harmless concept, finally making real efforts to pay it off over the past year ... today is the day i cleared my Visa card !!! i can't believe it. i was balancing my account with my new pay, trying to figure out how much i could put on the card when, lo-and-behold, i realized the amount was well over what was left on my card!! i'd made it. just one easy click and it was done. i can't believe it. my card is at 0$ right now. it hasn't been like that since the first few years i got it (and it had been comfortably sitting near the limit a few years after that).
i am in shock. in awe. and ecstatic. :)

i just wanted to share (and mark) this momentous occasion.

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