June 04, 2004

lots of stuff to mention this morning:

2004 NHL Playoffs

Final Series
Game 5

Calgary WINS 3-2 in overtime!!
oh wow, this was my dream, for them to win game 5 so they have a chance of winning the Stanley Cup saturday night (the only remaining game i'll be able to watch) in Calgary. the home crowd will be c-razy.

our movie theaters (two of them) got Alfonso Cuaron's Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, of course (i really need to finish the book first). but, we also got Super Size Me in the original english (it's a documentary so they don't have too many choices with that) subtitled in french. the surprising trend is that this theater has started stocking smaller movies even if they're not dubbed in french. very cool.

as i mentioned earlier this week, i had to get glasses made so i can let my eyes be lens-free for a couple of weeks. well, i got them the prescription on monday and the girl told me it would take a week. i was happy but i took that estimate with a grain of salt since the roommate, who got her glasses made at that place, had said it would take between a week-and-a-half to two weeks. that would take me to the middle of next week. well, yesterday they called to say the glasses were ready!! i was happy. but i getting ready to leave for work so i didn't go. i'm gonna go get them this morning and work with them tonight.

and yesterday i received two new (rental) discs, both Criterion discs:

Double Suicide
Pickup on South Street

the weekend is looking good :)

i've also started listening to the Scissor Sisters disc i got earlier this week and it's kinda good. first listen was in my car and that's not a great way to listen to new albums (dodgy sound, the environment is more suited for well-known material). i listened to it again on my discman as i was dozing off to sleep and i gotta say, it's a hell of a lot better. especially their cover of "comfortably numb". it flows better with earphones on. you notice how it follows nicely the one-two punch of the first two songs. the album is, right now, much more dance-y than i expected it to be. more DFA than Cream (70's music was referenced a lot in reviews).


i got me glasses :)
and they're so looking good, on their own and on me :) i'm so psyched 'cause i've never been a glass-wearer! i got about two weeks to go without contacts, which is fine (except for work. i'll deal with it but i'd rather have had my contacts than my glasses on), but i'll definitely be sporting the glasses on and off when i get back to the contacts. this is a definite plus in my week :)

bought groceries and the following:

auf der maur - auf der maur
constantines - shine a light

(i saw the Felix da Housecat album at HMV but it was $19.99 so i thought i'd get it cheaper at the other store but they still don't have it. a trip back to HMV to clean up that mistake will be order this weekend.)

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