June 26, 2004

no one's up at 8 on a saturday morning. the internet is empty.

last night i took off all the goddamn price tags on my new used cd's. there's always glue left when you take off the stickers but thankfully i got some medicated pads just to take off glue like that. i got my system down. and i usually don't mind it but last night it got to be a bitch. i had nine cd's to take care of, goddammit! i was listening to a demo tape of myself and it was fine. this one had some good songs on it. but then, after twenty minutes of it you sorta get irritated by having to scratch those stickers off (one or two on the back of the case, one on the cd and a last one on the tray under the cd) and the music kinda gets frustrating also. lol. anyway. after, i think, about 45 minutes i finally finished them all and was happy about it. but it was 12:50 am or something. i finally went to bed. i woke up around 7 this morning, though! i couldn't see myself going back to sleep so i got up. and to make up for the lack of sleep i gave my body, i decided i'd go out running :) and i actually did. i really did. the night fog hadn't even lifted yet and it was chilly outside. perfect. the streets are empty at 7:45 in the morning. so out i went. by that time the fog had somewhat lifted and the sun was waking up over it. and i used a whole new route also. i ended up running on this street that goes into a more country feel. this one street had huge trees hovering above it from both sides and the lots were bigger so they had more woods in there. with the fog and the waking sun, this reminded me of Virginia and South Carolina. when i was a kid, our parents took us camping there every summer for a month or two. it was bliss. i think i jogged for about twenty minutes in that scenery and came back home. i procastinated a lot these past few weeks so twenty mionutes ain't too bad for me. so, by 8:13 i was back home and my jogging was all done for the day :)

ps. do you guys rent movies? new releases? seen any good ones lately? i've been off the new releases for some time now but i remember thinking there were more than a couple of really interesting ones coming up - right now i can think of a few; got any comments on these? Big Fish, In America, The Son (Le fils), Station Agent, Mystic River (read that, because of the hype, it's a bit underwhelming - true?), and The Fog of War. i'm sure there are others (btw, i saw Bad Santa and Paycheck). i'd love it if you could send me some comments or suggestions. thanks :)


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