June 18, 2004

ohmyfuckinggod. how in the hell did we get a Zatoichi film ??? fuck. this was highly unexpected, to say the least! i had to scramble to find out which one it was. it's Kitano's film from last year. this is pretty cool. anyone seen this one? will i miss much if i haven't seen a single film from the series?

does anyone have the canadian edition of PJ's Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea? the tracklisting on the back says we have the bonus track "this wicked tongue", and yet, i can't find it on the cd. was this a typo brought over from the UK album? do you know anything about this?

in the interest of being healthy i should go out and shoot some basketball this afternoon. it's hot and humid out but it's also cloudy so it's not gonna be too bad. hopefully i'll also get some rays to hit me. i need to start some kind of tan :)

hey, amazon.ca just shipped the 69 Love Songs set!! should be here monday afternoon. yay for that.

update, 2:55 pm:
lo and behold, i actually did go out and play some basketball this afternoon! and i ended up doing forty minutes of it too :) not bad. i'm proud of myself. but i don't think i got much of a tan, though, because the sky was getting cloudier and cloudier. but my legs were burning. feels good. probably from the exercise. yay for me. god knows i needed it.

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