June 05, 2005

wow. things went very well this morning. Future Roommate actually waited an extra hour to call me up so i could sleep in (because of last night's celebrations) and stores wouldn't open up until 10 am anyway (we were renting a rug cleaning machine). i wasn't sure if Cute Girl was coming because he didn't mention her, but yeah, she was there. but she wasn't as energetic as she could be. she was just cool. she also left for 45 minutes to pick up her younger brother and sister (which she was telepathically babysitting :) that left us some time to finish up, and because she'd left with his car, we had time to sit back, relax, and enjoy our early afternoon by drinking iced tea and talking a little. it was nice. not as frantic as i feared it would be. very nice. the ex and i are planning on doing something this evening. something quiet, i hope. the weather's hot but not as humid or heavy as i thought it would be. i guess working up a sweat this morning (oh, i also cleaned up all the bare floors after Future Roommate and Cute Girl left), and my body's subsequent cooling down, does have its advantages.

holy shit -- the Future Shop 2 for $20 next tuesday includes Daniel Lanois's Belladonna !! in-store only, though. i guess a trip to the store, instead of pre-ordering the set, will be in order :) now which cd, between the White Stripes and Coldplay, am i gonna get with that? (Belladonna is the priciest of the three.) ah, Coldplay's will be a buck cheaper than the White Stripes. there you go.
btw, Coldplay's Live 2003 is also in that in-store-only list. (wow, this is a cd+dvd thing? i didn't know that. thought it was just a dvd. i guess it's a steal for $10. the version available through this sale is the cd, not the cd/dvd version. shit. i didn't know there were two editions available. how shitty is that?)

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