August 28, 2005

HA! i wouldn't like to be pervert081805 right now. nice catch, friendly_chic407. |

6:35 PM

well, i'm back. didn't do much today except run some much-needed errands. the ex-roommate also dropped by to give me The Da Vinci Code, which she rented at the library for me. nice. since it was supposed to be grey out today, i wanted to catch a film at the movie theater but got home too late for the 3:45 show. i could catch two of those three films i was interested in tonight but i'm too tired so i probably wouldn't be able to survive a double-bill. anyway. the roommate and his girlfriend, who'd dropped by after work and ate dinner here, actually just left to go to her place. wow. i wasn't expecting that. so now i have the entire evening to myself. will watch a movie. i've been putting it off for the past week. what the fuck did i wanna talk about? oh YES--BB6. watch the James meltdown. :) he was trying to use the Janelle-bashing and egg on the Sith a bit - but it totally backfired! they turned on him! finally. the results were fiercely euphoric for us all.

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