August 12, 2005

wooooooooooooow! Kaysar is still in the pressure cooker and they're down to two !!! (surprisingly, Jenn is the other one left.) he can fucking do this! :D by the way, Kaysar was voted back in last night -- by fucking 82% !!! :D me was very happy.

anyone got any ideas about my little dvd burning problem? btw, it might be an aspect ratio flag that's saying it's a 4:3 file when in fact it's a 16:9 movie. Windows Media Player would be smarter than the flag but not my dvd player. suggestions and ideas would be greatly appreciated :)

11:18 AM

...shit. Jenn is HOH. i really hope she didn't fuck with Kaysar when she gave him his word for two hours. at one point she told him she'd do anything if he gave it to her. hopefully he'll ask for Jan, Howie, Rachel, and himself to be safe. she could take out James.

11:37 AM

holy shit. this is the agreement - Jenn agreed to put up Beau and Ivette (how the hell is widdo Jenny supposed to pull that off?) and backdoor James. Kay and the gang are gonna be working overtime to make her stick to it. and Kay's just beaming from being out of the house. he's gonna have some pull.

btw, i downloaded IfoEdit for my aspect ratio flag problem. the ratio was fine but there was a mention of 'no permanent display' being set. just changed that to letterbox. i'm burning it now. hopefully that was it. wish me luck 'cause i got some good ones i want to watch on dvd :)

1:02 PM

nope. my little edit didn't do anything. the result is like mega-overscanning. my tv does some overscanning but i don't think it's ever been this bad. maybe when i convert the AVI files i should crop it 5% all the way around. that could help. any thoughts?

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