October 21, 2005

one day left before my Birthday! :D
and i know my friends from work are working on a little something for tomorrow but i don't know what. should be cute.

ooh, did i tell you i finally saw New Lab Girl again this week???? I DID! i thought she was out of my life after not seeing her at work for the past 2 or 3 months. but tonight, there she is, walking in the cafeteria during dinner. it took me a few seconds to realize who the cute girl who was looking my way (and it's a big cafeteria) was, though. and you know what? she kept trying to make eye contact!! :D how funny. and it felt much more deliberate than before. needless to say, i was ecstatic. it happened two or three times during dinner. the last time i was walking past their table. i just glanced up at her and looked straight down with a huge smile on my face as she was turning back to look at me :) a few hours later, breaktime. she comes in halfway through our break but i have my back to her. we get up and leave, passing her table. she has her back to us and i've got the ex-girlfriend (who works with me) right in front of me stopping every few seconds because she's mock-fighting with a friend so i can't check out New Lab Girl because i've got the ex in my face. lol. it's pathetic, i know :) anyway. i did see her turning around right as we were passing her table and looking at me but i never got to make eye contact that time. that was tuesday. i called in sick last night and tonight she didn't seem to be there. i'm hoping to see her tomorrow to see if tuesday was a fluke. (it wasn't, from the way she was looking at me, but i'd still like some kind of ongoing confirmation thing, you know ;)

speaking of tomorrow (and when i say tomorrow i mean friday); i love my horoscope (3rd and 4th lines, especially):
Everything is turning in your favor. Put yourself on the line and you will get the deal you want. A chance to do something with someone who excites you is likely. Love and romance look very promising.
now, who in their right mind would resist me, really? :) would you turn me down? ...nah, didn't think so ;)

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