December 09, 2005

i haven't written a lot this week, have i? well, not much happened. as always, there's work. oh, New Lab Girl (my #1 crush for the past 6 months) has been steadily working evening shifts!! that's great news for me as we can deepen our glancing relationship with even more vague eye contact and/or outright elusiveness (the latter has been happening on her part, i believe, for the past few days; no idea why). and i rediscovered this one girl who could become a new crush. we'll see. in other personal news, i started listening to the Dalai Lama's Four Noble Truths on my iPod this week. there's some tiresome repeating through the conference but it's damn illuminating and definitely something i wanna pursue. that's it for the personal. now here's a tale of the materialistic :)

so this morning i got up and had planned to finally swing by Future Shop to get the 24 (Season Four) and Roseanne (The Complete Second Season) sets. so i check the store availability for both items ... and they don't have the 24 box anymore!! i debated ordering them online but i had to go out anyway so i decided to see for myself if they had it first. i wanted it badly; waiting until next week, although i wouldn't watch the series this weekend, would be frustrating :) but i'm glad i went - they still had about 4 or 5 sets on the shelves, ready to be bought. and that's today's lesson in trusting your instincts :) end.

Saturday, 12:39 AM

oh, Rachel McAdams, how i admire you even more.

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