April 19, 2007

okay. i've been emailing with this girl since sunday night. every day we send each other an email and write back. it's been good, laidback. she seems like a genuinely nice person who enjoys movies and outdoor activities. yesterday i asked if she'd be interested in meeting up sometime. she said yes and apparently we're now gonna go for a walk probably sunday. what i wanna know is - would you have any thoughts or suggestions on this? i'm taking all the advice i can take :) we've talked about ourselves and everything's charming. but sunday we're gonna meet each other for the first time. we're also gonna see what the other looks like for the first time. it's kinda been on my mind since we first wrote. i know she's not ugly. my mom saw a picture of her and, after being pressed, said she had a pretty face (it was a head shot). i know she'll be at least alright. but it's still unnerving to have this meeting. it's a huge step up from emailing back and forth. so i'm looking for advice. how to approach this, any ideas or tips. info very much welcomed. :) thank you very much.

update - asked my mom about details last night. she's actually cute. has straight brown hair that falls just under her shoulders.

btw, any thoughts on bringing her a little something? a flower might be a bit much? a friend suggested, since we're going walking, a bottle of water, maybe? as a thought. let me know your thoughts. thanks :)

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