September 01, 2005

Jane Campion chooses her ten favorite Criterion films. they're releasing her 1990, 158-minute epic An Angel at my Table September 20 2005.

i need some help. i've been trying to get the album pics on the right to show the title attribute on mouseover in Mozilla. the browser is supposed to do this with title tags (and i can do it with a site like roachfriend--mouseover the site title at the top) but somehow can't do it with my own. (fyi, it does work in IE for me.)

what am i up to today? took the day off :) yep. i was due yesterday but both the work partner and i went in anyway. talked about doing it today. both of us :) so i got some errands to run (swinging by Future Shop to get the Coral disc scanned for the right price). probably with the ex. and finally catching a film. the ex-ex sent me an email last night regarding her spending a week here at the end of the month. it seems she just got back with her cheating ex sooner rather than later... yeah. he was on a short leach when he got back from his trip a couple of weeks ago. they weren't going out so it was cool that she was coming down here. but now--not so much. oh, she's still coming, but she informed that sleeping in the same bed was out of the question now. don't know what to say. of course i was heartbroken when i read that. i mean, it was automatic that we were gonna sleep in the same bed. we're like that when we're together. it was at least gonna be a sort of romantic getaway for both of us. so now i've gotta see her but hold back on the temptations. she told me the temptation would also be there for her. at least i got that much. lol. but i'm not gonna press her. i respect her decision too much for that. but it still sucks to see her but not be able to cuddle up. that's all i wanted to say :) i felt like shit when i read that email last night, though :) but today's a new day and i'm gonna manage the best i can :)

GREAT NEWS to help heal my little wounded self--my brother just informed me that he's coming at the end of the month! (*he lives out west and his last visit goes back a good year or two.) and i can so get him at the airport 'cause i'll still be on vacation then! we're so not telling our mother :P she'll freak out when i bring him over. (see? the ying and the yang--one thing goes down, another one comes up. i love it!)

5:39 PM

back from my errands with the ex. got The Coral's The Invisible Invasion (one copy left of the two i'd seen tuesday and the $11.99 sticker was on this time) and i found The New Pornographers' Twin Cinema at HMV. they also had a bunch of cool 2/$30 and 3/$30 discs but i always came up one short. there were two Death Cab EP's (3/$30) and the Bright Eyes' Fevers & Mirrors (2/$30). i'm determined to go back at some point and find the missing discs to this sale. ooh--the ex wanted to look for shoes. i'm also due for a new pair but i never thought to look for one today. but then my eyes came across a pair that i simply fell for on-sight. that never happens to me with shoes. but these Geox were worth the money. sadly, the only pic i could find of them are on the Geox site but the image doesn't do justice to the leathery feel of the shoes and the site emphasizes the technology too much. i wanted some comfortable sneakers that still looked classy enough. i am happy to report that these are it :)

oh, got a phone call the ex-ex as soon as i got back home. she's not coming. ah. she talked to her father about it and he was like, are you crazy??? lol. her relationship with her boyfriend is fragile enough as it is to risk coming to stay with me for a week. and her confidence in him is not strong enough so that she could leave in peace and not stress about it, or miss him like crazy, over a full week. but you know what? that's almost the best option for us. i'm actually okay with this. it would've been awkward and frustrating enough spending a week together. next time. i'm taking this rather well, i think :) have a good evening.

7:40 PM

found my Mozilla bug! :)
just had to turn on the Show Tooltips feature in Edit > Preferences > Appearance. yay!!

12:13 AM (Friday)

i just got one thing to say ... lightsabers. sweet!
just watched Big Brother. happy as hell Howie got HOH. was afraid he'd choked again. plus, it's down to pairs now so it was critical they broke one of the others before they broke Janelle and Howie up. also, i never thought it could be possible but BJenn seems to be an even bigger bitch when she's not playing BB! wow. (here's me punching you in throat, Jenn.)

1:12 PM

Bishop's Centennial Theatre has finally released the Fall Movie schedule. i forgot i caught most of the big summer movies this year, though, so not much for me to see this time. but Me and You and Everyone We Know and The Edukators are definite surprise selections. here's the Kids Movie Series.

and with that, i bid you a fine goodnight. (and can you tell i had the entire day off? ;)

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